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Your virtual office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week to submit requests for assistance

We aim to deliver on requests within two business days, unless the task is lengthy, or unless otherwise agreed. If we arrange to meet, do grab a coffee (or other refreshment) before wandering into our online waiting room and we’ll have someone meet with you at the appointed time; details will be provided.

We can offer assistance for most administrative tasks – to suit your business needs, budget and timelines. Support options are available below as a guide only to how we work.  We strive to offer maximum flexibility and will agree the way we work together from the outset.

Option A


Offered as an individual task option, from £27 hourly. Includes basic tasks; reconciling expense reports | raising purchase orders | copy and audio typing | ordering stationery | other

Option B


Offered as a monthly option, to suit operational requirements. Includes calendar management | travel coordination | creating itineraries | spreadsheets (MS Excel) | Presentations (MS PowerPoint) | large mailing requests

Option C


Offered as a monthly, quarterly and yearly option, to suit operational requirements. Includes A and B tasks.

Option D

Ad hoc

Offered as an hourly or daily option, to suit operational requirements. Includes one-off or emergency tasks, or regular assignments.

Option E


Offered on a monthly, quarterly or yearly option. Includes specific or regular tasks or assignments, including reports, website creation and ongoing support, or other specialist support.

Case Studies

Case Study A

C wanted to get on top of their expenses but there was always something else to do.  Having already requested our service, all we could do was wait until they were ready to discuss the requirement in detail.  Or did we, with the receipts mounting up?  We already knew their basic need and even though there was more to discuss, we wanted to help them get started. By taking proactive steps to assist our clients, we were able to break the work into more manageable chunks, set a monthly prompt and a quarterly review (to avoid a heavy workload at year end) and our client could finally be reimbursed for their considerable out-of-pocket expenses.

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The Travelling Assistant is a start up business. Testimonials will be added at earliest opportunity,

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