What next for TTA in 2022?

TTA – The Travelling Assistant was borne during the pandemic and is intent on becoming a virtual model for the future to assist businesses with their admin needs.

The strategy to achieve this plan includes collaboration with related stakeholders starting with TTA and its sister company, Travel Assist, to offer a streamlined process for clients requiring travel coordination.

Like many start ups during the pandemic, we started as a virtual business albeit the global situation has brought ongoing challenges for all during uncertain times. 

According to Marilyn Peters, TTA Senior Associate, “it has been quite an experience having my own business and there have been a few ‘out of my comfort zone’ moments, but along the way we have learnt. I look forward wholeheartedly to a new year, with more possibilities, experiences and teachings. 

At TTA – The Travelling Assistant, we look forward to helping you on your business journey during 2022.

Happy New Year to you all…

TTA and Travel Assist combine for the future

TTA to offer streamlined travel service, through a collaborative arrangement with Travel Assist

TTA – The Travelling Assistant has joined forces with its sister company, Travel Assist, to cater for all client travel requirements. Individuals and businesses will be able to book directly – and through the TTA admin service. Clients requiring varied travel assistance, highlighted the synergy between the two companies for all things travel-related, offering a smoother end to end process.

Travel Assist offers a dedicated response and hands-on approach to its customers, particularly welcome during uncertain times. By working together, we can combine our love of travel to jointly assist users of our respective services with their business journeys and experiences.

To book directly through Travel Assist https://marilynpeters.inteletravel.uk/book travel.cfm or as part of the TTA service via your virtual office on this website https://thetravellingassistant.org/virtual-office/

Same service, different… clients

At TTA, we will endeavour to match assistants to clients according to their strengths and skills

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) we will come across different types of manager; there are some that will be hands on and work with you, another will want to be in full control and micro-manage the work, and others who rely solely on you and will let you run their day. Unfortunately, there is also another type who are downright rude and disrespectful, and nobody deserves that!

I am very much a people’s person, am likeable, friendly and accommodating, and to work for managers with the same attributes is definitely a plus for me.  How often do you get the chance to work with your clients on a near equal footing to progress their chosen business interests? The beauty of being a VA is that you can pick and choose what is right for you, and for me that is very important.

Furthermore as a virtual assistant, where the request may be more than they can handle, there may be a need for additional help from associates.

Associates are an advantage to the business not only in terms of great work, they also bring different personalities to be able to accommodate a wider range of management styles, thus making TTA a suitable fit for all its clients. 

Balancing my day…

Today, I am working from my mother’s home and progressing tasks, whilst she is sitting here having her elevenses. I guess you could call it ‘VA Assistance’ being able to be there for mum and keep her company. Having that balance is important, and very satisfying to my day.

I use days like these for planning, to check in with VA groups to keep myself updated with helpful hints and tips, and watching YouTube videos as I find that form of learning more engaging, offering a more efficient approach for my client base.

As she gets on with her own tasks, I start by assigning myself some courses, plus other admin. Reaching out today to potential clients, past managers, family and friends to do what I do best, talking. I’m extremely passionate about my company, so want to shout it from the rooftops how much I would love to support them with their business.

TTA – The Travelling Assistant is available 24/7 for assistance requests.

Exercise for the mind [body and soul]

Exercise can be calming and helps to clear ones mind, and also provides a great sense of achievement.

So, to start the week off well, a gym session was called for as I always feel great after a workout and yesterday was no exception.

No matter how you take your exercise, it will leave you feeling energised and eager to tackle your daily or weekly tasks. Indeed, this is a prerequisite for our client facing work.

Do pop in to our virtual office to see how we can help you with your business journey, one step at a time…

TTA – The Travelling Assistant is available 24/7 for assistance requests