Learning new things every day…

It is vital that we develop the best possible structure and environment to be able to support those who seek our assistance The Travelling Assistant This last couple of months have been interesting in terms of planning and developing the service; forms, insurance, bank accounts. Constantly reading and trying to keep up to speed withContinue reading “Learning new things every day…”

TTA made it… to Jamaica

Helping you on your business journey – wherever we (or you) may be. The Travelling Assistant A little nervous and apprehensive taking a trip at this time, but needed to test out my reasoning of calling my company TTA (The Travelling Assistant). It worked perfectly! I made sure I had a balance of dedicated workContinue reading “TTA made it… to Jamaica”

Why The Travelling Assistant?

Marilyn explains why she decided to set up The Travelling Assistant… Working for a global company has its benefits, although has its drawbacks too. The connections to, or even working for company leaders across the world may sound impressive but not if you remain at your local office with no option to meet face-to-face. EveryContinue reading “Why The Travelling Assistant?”