Balancing my day…

Today, I am working from my mother’s home and progressing tasks, whilst she is sitting here having her elevenses. I guess you could call it ‘VA Assistance’ being able to be there for mum and keep her company. Having that balance is important, and very satisfying to my day.

I use days like these for planning, to check in with VA groups to keep myself updated with helpful hints and tips, and watching YouTube videos as I find that form of learning more engaging, offering a more efficient approach for my client base.

As she gets on with her own tasks, I start by assigning myself some courses, plus other admin. Reaching out today to potential clients, past managers, family and friends to do what I do best, talking. I’m extremely passionate about my company, so want to shout it from the rooftops how much I would love to support them with their business.

TTA – The Travelling Assistant is available 24/7 for assistance requests.

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