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It’s often the basic tasks that can make a difference to your business. We offer a dedicated administrative service to support your business needs and timelines.

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Same service, different… clients

At TTA, we will endeavour to match assistants to clients according to their strengths and skills Working as a virtual assistant (VA) we will come across different types of manager; there are some that will be hands on and work with you, another will want to be in full control and micro-manage the work, and…

Why TTA is an asset to your business

We don’t cut corners, we aim to reduce the time it takes to complete a task. Whether, through consultation to demonstrate easier ways to manage some tasks or by using established knowledge and expertise to complete requested work in a timely fashion. These are the skills that our clients pay for, not merely the amount…

Why The Travelling Assistant?

Marilyn explains why she decided to set up The Travelling Assistant… Working for a global company has its benefits, although has its drawbacks too. The connections to, or even working for company leaders across the world may sound impressive but not if you remain at your local office with no option to meet face-to-face. Every…

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